New England Reproofers can bring your favorite outerwear back to life! New England Reproofers will bring your outerwear back to life!
Reproofing Defined
We specialize in reproofing (some refer to this as oiling, waxing, redressing or simply waterproofing) waxed cotton jackets to keep them water resistant. For over 200 years mariners have known the value of a waterproof garment.

New England Reproofers know just how important these garments are... especially to the avid sportsman. Keep your jacket as robust as the day it was new!

Waxed Cotton Defined
The term waxed cotton, applies to any impregnated cotton fabric consisting of a wax- or oil-based solution formulated for its waterproof properties. (Some refer to this as oiled cotton, wax proofs, oilskins, thorn proofs or oiled japara.)

New England Reproofers
Send us your waxed cotton jacket, cap, hat, leggings or overtrousers and we will reproof it with the finest wax -- rejuvenating its waterproof and windproof features!

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